For those of you unfamiliar with DILLIGAF, it means “do I look like I give a fuck”. For me, this is how I feel about many things, especially when it comes from misinformed vermin that simply want to be difficult. I try to be somewhat smarter than the average person, but it seems more and more people just simply want to embrace being ignorant, or stupid, whichever fits the situation. I know this is not going to be a well-liked piece, but to refer to my title, DILLIGAF?

Being a Satanist, I think the DILLIGAF attitude comes from the pure ignorance and hate from outsiders. Part of being a Satanist is embracing being a loner and simply being a rebel. That all lends itself to not giving a fuck right there. There is so much out there about Satanism, yet people still hang on to the Hollywood stereotypes thinking we are all descendants of Richard Ramirez because he drew a pentagram on his hand. They think we spend our weekends carrying out some LaVeyesque sideshow where naked women run free and the neighbor’s kid is roasting slowly on a bed of carrots and leeks in the oven. I am honestly embarrassed by many of the ritual images people Google and end up believing that is what Satanism is.

I am just going to put this out there and everyone can take it for what it is worth. I am NOT a fan of the Church of Satan or Anton LaVey and am slowly losing any admiration I have for The Satanic Temple. The Church of Satan is old school, Anton LaVey is old school, and this is 2019, get your head out of your ass and stop swinging from his nuts and following The Satanic Bible like Christians follow the Holy Bible. The old days of shock and awe are over with. Stop being elitist twats and come down from your ivory towers and embrace what Satanism really is. Satanism is maintaining individuality while still being a contributing member to society and your community. (Sips Coke loaded with Grenadine even though I am diabetic, well you know what I say…)

The Satanic Temple has developed a modern, cohesive list of tenets that are easy to embrace by any Satanist. However, that is where my love affair with them ends. While I agree to the separation of church and state, programs like After School Satan are not beating them, they are joining the religious sect that has these religious afterschool clubs. It turns into they did it and they did it, so it is okay. How about petitioning the school boards instead to remove these programs because they clearly violate the constitution as to religion in schools. Many spectacles that TST perform in the name of change can be done much less like a sideshow and more like grown adults trying to create change. I for one am happy to see that Jex Blakemore left the organization and is fighting the good fight against unconstitutional abortion laws. Maybe Lucien Graves should look at what she is doing and stop staging B-movie-like protests that do nothing but make Satanists look like fools.

While I am just putting it all out there, I might as well touch on the bitches, the “real Satanists” as they call themselves. I am frankly tired of hearing, “You are not a ‘real’ Satanist because you do not do this or that”. Being a Satanist is being an individual, which means I do what the fuck I want. If I want to open a soup kitchen for the homeless or have a feminine hygiene drive for the local women’s shelter or simply donate money to another Satanist in need, that is what I am going to fucking do. I care about my community and the people in it. That by no means is indicative of me being a sheep, it is just being a caring human being with some empathy and common sense. I have been the recipient of help from the Satanic community and now that I can, it is time to pay it forward when I can. Again, I do what I want and well, you know.

With all this being said, I still give a shit about people. Just because I do not like your brand of Satanism, whether it be atheistic or theistic, LaVeyan or TST, I am still going to treat you like a human being. I love the fact that the United Aspects of Satan does not experience all this grief and strife. Members of UAoS are some of the most laid back, down to earth people who have great ideas and work as a community. I do not know if it is the vetting done by Damien Ba’al or just the nature of the organization, but it has a much different feel than CoS or TST, which I want nothing to do with. I even get along with Christians if they are not crazy, fundie, Westboro Baptist type Christians. I have a foodie group on Facebook called C.A.S.T in the Kitchen that is a mix of all religions and non-religions and it is great. I do not take issue with any person until they take issue with me and once you do you can as DILLIGAF, and the answer will be fuck no! Oh and for those that do not like Ghost, you can kiss my fat ass, too! 😊

The Baphomet Principle: Self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things. ~ UAoS, Damien Ba’al

satanist in pink

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