The Satanist in Pink

Although pink is not one of my favorite colors, I felt it be the best way to describe being a Satanic woman. To outsiders, saying one is a Satanist more than likely conjures up visions of witches dancing around a cauldron on brooms, cackling and spreading curses over the townsfolk. These are just more items in the long list of misconceptions and Hollywood propaganda that has been attached to Satanism. While Satanists do not set out to be accepted by outsiders, it is nice to be able to have pride in who you are without people coming at you with torches and pitchforks.

Anton LaVey organized Satanism and rolled it out to the public with his own unique style. LaVey had some great ideas but should have stopped with The Satanic Bible. Many Satanists, much to the dismay of devout LaVeyans, do not pay much attention to the “magic” portion of TSB. He could have called it anything but choosing to call it magic makes the skeptic Satanist pass it by. He could have left it at rituals and ceremonies and maybe the skeptics would be more interested. It all boils down to things that your typical Satanist would refer to as rituals also or to the rest of us, simply meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to re-center oneself, especially if anxiety or stress is high.

Back in LaVey’s heyday, he did a fairly good job of hiding his misogyny. He didn’t, however, hide the fact he viewed women as objects. All one must do is look at the pics of naked women displayed on his altars and see that women were used as objects. With LaVey’s history as a circus performer, you can almost see him dressed in a tuxedo barking the highlights of the “Altar Lady”. It is not at all flattering to women if you ask me. You never saw any naked men up there now, did you? Now that would show some equality, or just do not put any naked people on an altar and just focus on the substance of Satanism instead of the pomp and circumstance.

LaVey completely went off the edge when he wrote “The Satanic Witch.” It should be a manual for misogynists. His quotes are so offensive that nearly every woman Satanist I have encountered agrees that it is absolute garbage. Women struggle for equality in Satanism and here comes Anton with his flaming arrow to shoot that all down. Now I am not saying that all LaVeyan’s have embraced the ideas of “The Satanic Witch”, but if they follow LaVey like they are a Christian and he is a god, they believe women should be in the kitchen baking cookies and not asserting themselves in the Satanic community.

I have so much appreciation for those in the Satanic community whose organizations have women in positions of power, for lack of a better word. These organizations give women the opportunity to invoke their own unique ideas and experiences for any number of things. Satanic women are unique in that there is still not a lot of us comparatively. I am not sure if it is harder for women to openly admit to being a Satanist, which is understandable as the Abrahamic religions look down on women as well. If they are raised in a religious household, I could understand how hard it would be to not only voice their opinion but voice the fact that they are Satanists.

I think I am in the minority as I am openly, and very boldly, a Satanist. I hid it for most of my life, as of course there is a stigma attached that some just do not want to have to educate people about. Once I finally decided to openly admit I was a Satanist there is no stopping me. This is how the Satanist in Pink was born. There are not a lot of resources for women when it comes to Satanism, and I want to change that. I want to be able to provide the information and knowledge to help Satanic women be openly Satanic women without fear of ridicule or worse yet, deal with the misogyny that has existed since the first organization of Satanism by LaVey in the late 1960s. I want all women to be proud Satanists like I am and have the Satanic pride and nothing to hide.

satanist in pink

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