From Edgelords to Emos…

As far as Satanism goes, you can find a variety of groups on Facebook ranging from the edgelords and emos to legitimate groups that share ideas, philosophies and the take on the latest goings-on in the world. Satanism is not about gory pictures, tasteless pornography or images of trampish nuns holding a Holy Bible covered in ejaculate. For those of us that try so hard to distance themselves from this childish shit, it makes seeing these types of posts even more frustrating. While I am not a fan of the ideals of theistic Satanism, I would rather see someone going on about praying to father Satan than some overly Googled image of a burning church with a couple of Hot Topic shoppers standing in awe like cavemen when they first discovered they could burn things. I know to some I may seem like I am trying to act like I am better than these emos and edgelords and the truth is, I am a better representation of a Satanist.

What is a better representation of a Satanist? A better representation is a Satanist that stands true to be an individual and not follow the image Hollywood propaganda has put forth. The problem with being a Satanist is that just mentioning the word gives the average person a vision of a group of people dressed in black robes dancing around a fire roasting one of the neighborhood children. While it does not matter if people accept Satanism, it is much more conducive to start a truthful friendship or relationship with someone without them thinking you are going to sacrifice the family dog. They do not have to like what I am, but I want them to know what I am not, and that is a sex-crazed, perverted, psycho/sociopath. I have been lucky thus far in that those surrounding me have accepted what I am and treat me as they would any other person, even if they do not agree with what I believe.

I believe Satanists are unique in that they have found a way to maintain their individualism while still being able to socialize with other Satanists and share common denominators. The current state of elitism hanging over both the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple is frustrating. While I understand that CoS is not about activism or political matters and The Satanic Temple is all about them, there is still the common denominator that they are all atheistic Satanists. I myself am not all about the “in your face” activism, but I do believe that in order to make a difference and embrace the Baphomet Principle (self-motivation balanced with compassion and reason, in all things), one must try to contribute to the betterment of society even if it is from behind the scenes or an anonymous gesture. We should also look to help our Satanic community members when we can, physically, mentally or emotionally. Helping the outside community should also be admirable if it is not done for the prestige it may hold.

Like many Satanists, my first taste of Satanism came from The Satanic Bible. However, I was never about the magic and ceremony that LaVey promoted being the showman that he was. To me, it smacks too much of being like a Christian church that everyone dresses up and repeats the same words just to make a spectacle of it all. Being a full-blown skeptic, the idea of magic also never appealed to me much. While LaVey defines magic as “the change in situations or events in accordance with one’s will, which would using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable,” I do not see any situation changing with the addition of “magic” to one’s own will. The strength of one’s will is what changes situations and events, not some magic conjured up in someone’s head. The idea of magic also makes it seem like Satanists have some supernatural powers, like witches supposedly do, which I want nothing to do with. My skepticism runs deep. Show me a picture or it did not happen or does not exist.

Being a “Ba’alean” Satanist is what fits me perfectly. I do not want magic, I do not want to dress up in capes and have some magic ceremony, I do not want to treat other Satanists like I am “real Satanist”, cringe, and they are not. You can be an individual yet respect the path of Satanism of others even when it is different from yours. You can agree to disagree, but far too many times, this does not happen. CoS will revoke your membership if they find out you are a TST member, what kind of shit is that? Many Satanists I know personally have embraced ideas and ideals from both camps. I do not see any issue drawing from both and even representing a third. Damien Ba’al and the United Aspects of Satan is a beautiful example of being able to blend different ideas and ideals and produce a cohesive flavor of Satanism that fits people who are accepting of others, not out to play the “real Satanist” game. The Baphomet Principle, mentioned earlier, is simple yet all-encompassing and provides a Ba’alean Satanist with a platform to evolve from.

This has all been building up with me and finally overflowed after joining a Facebook group that seems to feature 99 percent emos and edgelords without an intelligent conversation to be had. I understand people can do what they want with their groups, but it frustrates me that people in the group are in other legitimate groups that I own or admin. It makes me wonder if these are “two-faced” Satanists that put up a front as to not get kicked out of a group but really fall into the emo and edgelord category. You see them posting semen-coated nuns in one group and then liking intelligent posts in another group. I guess I am just more involved in my Satanism than to go promote the image that fits every Hollywood stereotype of a Satanist one can think of. I may also sound petty, but I know how hard I work to portray what I think a Satanist should be only to have some mindless fool go posting pics of burning crosses, churches, and Bibles. Maybe I just take my path of Satanism too seriously, or do I?

satanist in pink

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